There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this!

Hi, I’m Logan! I’m the creator, seamstress and mom behind Loganberry Canada.

As soon as my child could walk, he was off exploring the world around him, and his clothing didn’t always make it back in one piece at the end of the day. Knowing his clothing could withstand his everyday adventures was one of the main reasons I started making children’s clothing.

My passion for sustainable living is why I use mostly cotton, bamboo, and linen sourced in Canada for my items. I make everything myself at home in my sewing room to ensure quality clothing that will last for your little one.

My goal is that my clothing will “outlast” the child it was purchased for, not only in quality, but in the timeless style of each item. I hope that parents will be able to pass their pieces on to the next tiny adventurer, no matter how far down the line they come.

Watch them as they discover the world without limitations. Help them learn about the natural beauty of our planet. Take less time shopping and replacing, and enjoy making memories you both will cherish long after they outgrow their favourite sweater.

Never stop exploring,
Logan 🌲


They caught all the wild children and put them in zoos, they made them do sums and wear sensible shoes. They put them to bed at the wrong time of day, and made them sit still when they wanted to play. They scrubbed them with soap and they made them eat peas, they made them behave and say pardon and please. They took all their wisdom and wildness away, that’s why there are none in the forests today.
- Jeanne Willis